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Here's what I'm asked most frequently about my work

A: My clients are scattered around the world with a big concentration here in the U.S. across the public and private sectors, as well as nonprofits and foundations. Clients range from recent graduates to executives and business owners. I’m fortunate to work with a diverse client base across many disciplines and verticals.

A: I’m a former banker (U.K., Singapore and San Francisco) who absolutely loved working with people but didn’t love the relentless focus on building wealth and productivity. So I pivoted. I started a resume agency in 2010 and my practice evolved organically from there to include coaching, branding and workshops.

A: I engage in a way that best serves each individual — from simply honing the resume and LinkedIn profile to figuring out what’s next, then planning and supporting a full career pivot. An initial complimentary chemistry call helps identify the best approach, focus and use of resources. Full range of services includes career coaching, personal branding, job search strategy, resume and LinkedIn profile development, board resume and biography development, interview preparation, community & relationship building strategy (networking).

A: I’m fired up about the fact that each client presents a new learning opportunity. I’m incredibly inspired by everyone I work with and truly value the relationships built. I also love the outcomes and celebrate my clients’ successes.

A: It depends. Much of my pricing is sliding scale, means-based. Not everyone can afford executive-level pricing so I’m disinclined to publish a rate structure as I don’t want to discourage folks from connecting with me. Let’s talk instead.

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